The Novels of L. Neil Smith

L. Neil Smith is among the most prolific -- and most loved -- of science fiction authors. From the alternate histories of The Probability Broach  and The Crystal Empire  to the unabashed, explosive space opera of Henry Martyn  and Bretta Martyn, his work entertains and delights without ever veering away from the libertarian principles he grew to love at the feet of Robert Heinlein, Ayn Rand and other masters of the written word. He is the winner of two Prometheus Awards.
[Cover of _The Probability Broach] THE PROBABILITY BROACH, Tor Books, 1996

Widely considered _the_ definitive libertarian science fiction novel, back again to ruin the sleep and shorten the lives of socialists everywhere. In a deadly conflict with murderous federal agents, Denver homicide detective Win Bear is accidentally blown "sideways" in time, into the "North American Confederacy", where the Whiskey Rebellion succeeded in 1794, and government has grown less powerful ever since. 1980/81 Prometheus Award winner.

(Originally published by Del Rey Books in 1980.)

Available at finer bookstores, or order online.

[Cover of _The Wardove_] THE WARDOVE,, 1999

Earth was destroyed in 2023 and only Lunar colonists survived. Nine hundred years later, in a star-spanning "nation" without conscription or taxation, Captain Nathaniel Blackburn of Coordinated Arm Intelligence must find out who's killing rock musicians raising money for the War Against the Clusterian Powers. Includes lyrics to a dozen songs written by the author. Prequel to Henry Martyn.

(Originally published in 1986 by Berkley/Ace.)

Electronically available from or click here to order the paperback.

  PALLAS, Tor, 1993

In the persons of Gibson Altman, exiled liberal United States Senator, and Emerson Ngu,a young Vietnamese/Cambodian immigrant boy who aspires to manufacture firearms, socialist "East America" and entrepreneurs of the West American "Jackelope Republic" fight for control of a whole new world, the second largest of the asteroids. Lots of action, romance, RKBA polemics, plus metallic silhouette shooting! Winner of the 1994 Prometheus Award.

Available at finer bookstores, or click here to order online.

  HENRY MARTYN, Tor, 1989

A thousand years from now, in the depths of interstellar space, there will be sailing ships -- and pirates! Vast empires clash as young Arran Islay fights for freedom, and to regain a legacy brutally stripped from his family by the "Black Usurper".

Apparently out of print.

[Cover of _Bretta Martyn_] BRETTA MARTYN, Tor, 1997

Fifteen years after her father's adventures, Robretta Islay sails to the stars in order to expose the source of Oplyte slavery and stamp it out. Along the way she travels across half a galaxy, faces hideous perils, suffers grievously, meets many wild and wonderful characters, and eventually rediscovers the homeworld of the human race. (Also a sequel to TheWarDove.)

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[Cover of _The Lando Calrissian Adventures] THE LANDO CALRISSIAN ADVENTURES, (Omnibus), Del Rey, 1994

Youthful adventures of Star Wars' famous gambler before Han Solo won the Millenium Falcon from him.

Available at finer bookstores, or click here to order online.

THE MITZVAH  (with Aaron Zelman), Mazel Freedom Press

A middle-aged Catholic monsignor learns he's actually a Jewish orphan of the Holocaust and must choose, not just between church and synagogue, but between liberal pacifism and a philosophy that proclaims, "Never again!"

Available from Mazel Freedom Press Mazel Freedom Press, P.O. Box 270014, Hartford, WI 53027.See the JPFO website for ordering information.


The American Soviet Socialist Republic claims the asteroid 5023 Eris, but somebody (or something) is already there! The Elders are from Earth ... sort of. They aren't human, but they're individualists and capitalists! (So politically incorrect the original publisher cancelled the third volume!) Forthcoming in one volume from Baen Books, April of 2000. Click here to order online.

  LEVER ACTION (political non-fiction)

Twenty years of L. Neil Smith's best essays and speeches forthcoming from Mountain Media (publishers of Vin Suprynowicz's Send in the Waco Killers ) late in 1999.

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