Vote For L. Neil Smith in Your State's Primary!

In 2000, the LP will be running candidates in four state presidential primaries. L. Neil Smith is on the ballot in:

Both of which take place on "Super Tuesday," March 7. In addition, voters in

can write his name in.

The Ad Hoc Conspiracy to Draft L. Neil Smith is asking you to vote for Neil or write in his name on your state's presidential primary ballot. While the delegates at the national convention aren't bound by primary results, a good showing in these four states is one key to winning the nomination.


Because, so far, we've spent not one farthing on this campaign. It's been word of mouth versus Harry Browne's money machine. Primary wins -- or even substantial percentages -- will establish that LP members want a principled, uncompromising, libertarian to head their party's ticket.

L. Neil Smith is that candidate. And going to the convention with voter endorsements that have been bought with honest, forthright statements of principle instead of small, unmarked bills will give us the advantage we need to take this party back.

Do the right thing.
Thomas L. Knapp
Acting de facto Co-HMFIC
The Ad Hoc Conspiracy to Draft L. Neil Smith


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